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This blog is for serious

I have resurrected my tumblr page from the electronic cemetery of my dead social media accounts in order to write and post stuff on a more personal note. I have been rather idle on this website for the past few years because I just use this page to “reblog” and view things which I find mildly interesting -this includes science stuff, comics, video games, and pictures of women with huge knockers.

I decided to make a face change for this blog. I want it to be more open, insightful maybe, reaching for a little emotion while still forging on humor and absurdity. I feel like I need this. With all the ridiculous and depressing things that is currently happeningn in my life right now, this might be a great channel to mash up my feelings which I do not really project or say out in real life.

Basically, I’d be posting more stuff that are made by me. I envision this page as a collection of my creative ideas, opinions regarding current events, and sudden realizations upon doing something new. I would still reblog



i wonder what a worm looks like under a microscope!




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→ Comedy Nerds United!: President's Day Personality Quiz


1) Has anyone ever tried to kill you?

a) Yes, twice

b) No, but I hung a couple dudes

c) Uh doy

d) No, but I’ve done some warring

e) No, but I got an ouchie on my knee during the Civil War

2) How do you deal with hostile forces?

a) Pardon them

b) Don’t…

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